Thursday, July 28, 2016

Have U noticed the change to print magazines lately, or is it just Me?


   I read a great deal.  Books, magazines, brochures, eBooks, etc. You name it and I read it. Yes. I admit it. I'm a bibliophile. Some of my favorite books are classics, some horror, some contemporary, some academia, and even some romance. I read everything I can get my hands on.
At work, at my university I read a great deal of academia and lesson plans. At home and away,  everything is open game. The same is with magazines. Magazines are a big favorite of mine. I personally have a subscription to over a dozen magazine coming to me in the mail. Some I had to drop because they went completely digital. While others I've noticed have begun to simply cut the amount of pages in each issue, as if I wouldn't notice. Really? Come on guys and gals, of course I noticed. AARP, BackPacker, Money and Mental Floss all have lost some weight in their pages. Did you notice, too?

The magazines are all a bit thinner over the last several months and when I count the pages to see why, I see there's at least twenty to thirty pages or more in some magazines that are gone. Where did they go? How come the magazines didn't bother to let their readers know about the page cuts? I mean, hey, I'm still paying the same amount of money for the subscription, but I'm getting less for what I paid for. Is that fair? No. It isn't. Does the magazine publisher care? Evidently not. What do you think of all of that? Have you noticed this trend? Have you lost out on any magazines as they went completely digital? What magazines have you noticed cut pages to their issues without the courtesy of letting you know? I'd love to hear about it. Let's compare notes.

     There is one magazine that I really enjoyed reading and I must admit, I miss reading it, but it went completely digital. Ironically, though it is now an e-publication, the price of the subscription costs the same as if it was in print. WTF! Why? e-Publications are cheaper to publish, so why the outrageous prices? There's no postage to spend. Nothing. Nada. That magazine is PC World. It went completely digital a year or so ago without any word to their customers until after they renewed. I know. I had just renewed when a few weeks later I received my last print issue with a general notice on the cover stating that is was going digital and for the price of $19.97 year, I could get a subscription. Funny thing is, I was paying $19.97 a year for a one year to the print subscription or $39.97 for a two year. Why would I want to pay the same price for an e-Pub? Naturally, I cancelled my subscription as I am not a fan of reading e-pubs. As I said earlier in an earlier post, I enjoy holding the periodical or book in my hands, not on an e-reader. I like turning the pages, and for the prices we pay, shouldn't we get what we want? Seems not anymore.

PC World went digital. Good bye and good riddance, it said to its loyal print readers.

Ah! The joys of reading print!

Anywhere. Any time.

  That’s it for this time. Thank you all for visiting with us. Until next month, every one please stay safe. Smile. Be happy. Show compassion. Be nice to others. Put a little love into your heart. Please speak up for those without a voice, whether it be a dog, cat, elephant or monkey.  One person, one voice can make a difference. Read a book. Review it. Share it. Pass it along.
Make adoption your first option when seeking a pet. Adopt. Don’t shop. Can’t adopt. Please consider fostering one. The animal will have the taste of home and the shelter will cover the expenses. Can’t foster? Make a donation or volunteer at your local shelter. Please, don’t hunt. Unless you’re starving down in a ditch somewhere, there is no logical reason to do so. Whatever you do, however you do it, please be a voice for the animals large and small. All it takes is one to make a difference, good or bad. 
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S.J. Francis

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