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Restaurants Are Banning Children and Diners Are Ecstatic About it! Aren't You? I am!

A restaurant in North Carolina banned children and business is booming and it isn’t a wonder. For people who don’t dine out with children in tow see how wonderful it can be. I don’t know about you but when I go out to eat in a restaurant I look forward to a relaxing, quiet fine dining experience. Screaming children kicking away in their chairs, throwing food on the floor, or running around the dining room do nothing to enhance the experience. Face it, children blasting electronics and crawling under tables is not pleasant, in the least. Flat out, it is a nuisance. It ruins the dining experience. Like it or note, it annoys other diners. Fortunately, some restaurants realize this and are banning young children from their dining rooms. To that I say, Bravo! Good show!

     Unfortunately, not all restaurant goers are happy with the decision to ban children in restaurants. Sorry, folks, but as much as you love your children, not all people love your children, too. And parents of children have to hear enough of their children’s whining, why should they listen to yours when all they want to do is get a peaceful night off?  Answer: No one. If other parents can hire a babysitter to go to a restaurant, you can too. If you can’t then just stay home. No one forced you to have children. No one should be forced to endure yours.

Fortunately for restaurant patrons, it isn’t just American restaurants that have put a ban on children. A restaurant in Australia put a ban on children under seven after a couple had a misbehaving child in tow. As if screaming children aren’t enough, how about hearing that someone changed a baby’s diaper on the table you’re not sitting at. I don’t know about you but there isn’t enough disinfectant in the world to clean that table up enough for me to want to eat on it. This actually occurred in a pizza restaurant in Texas, and also at Chipotle’s. Yuck! All I can say is keep your children home. How disgusting is that? Talk about unsanitary and revolting. Not to mention inconsiderate and selfish. If there aren’t enough changing tables in the restroom, take your baby to your car. Would you want to eat on that table? Not me. How about watching the diaper change?  

And, of course, there is #babygate, that time Chef Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next, Chicago) took to Twitter to ask what to do about a crying eight-month-old in the dining room at Alinea:

Children can be a wonderful thing, but not when dining out. Certainly not when it is someone else's spoiled brat. Screaming children and people chattering away on cell phones do nothing to enhance the experience and we should applaud those restaurants that put their patrons need first.  Now all we need is a ban on cell phone in use in restaurants. Another annoyance of many diners. But that is a post for another time.  That’s my opinion anyway. How do you feel about it? Do you think restaurants should ban children? Do you enjoy hearing other’s children scream?

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#babygate, that time chef Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next, Chicago) took to Twitter to ask what to do about a crying eight-month-old in the dining room at Alinea.

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