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Trump: Just How Did He Win? It Was Really Quite Simple Actually.....

  Election 2016 was a hell raiser, to say the least. It was also a hair raiser. For some people it was a stressful situation in the making. Schools even took part in helping calm the fears of children. Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in to win, some say. However, in the end it was businessman Donald Trump was elected the next President of the United States. A great many people objected to his winning. Many more were scratching their heads as to how someone like him, a bully, a racist, a sexist had won. How? Voters asked. How? Democrats asked? How on earth did this happen? I didn’t scratch my head. I wasn’t surprised at all. And here is my explanation on why he won.
      Putting aside the hacking that the Russians took part in our American Democratic process of doing things, people were just plain tired. They were tired of the Democratic Party’s way of doing things. It’s no secret that the Democrats are liberals. Bleeding Heart liberals. Being liberal is no crime. I’m a liberal, but I’m also a realist. It seems that Democrats want to take all our money, yours and mine and give it to everyone else even illegal immigrants. They want to continue to give jobs to illegal immigrants and not Americans. Their support of keeping illegals here repeatedly demonstrate that. And then there’s talk of free college. And who exactly is going to pay for that? We are. You and I. American citizens are. Not illegal immigrants because they don’t make much and what they do make is sent back to their native countries. But, it would be the illegal immigrants that would benefit from the free college taking up spaces that American children should be taking. 
                                  Federal inmates are receiving instruction from BOP staff while attending a BOP program
           Above Federal inmates in a FREE class for their benefit.
How about prisons? Democrats want to reform the prison system. They should, but not in the way they want. Did you know that in the Federal Prison system inmates can say no when told to work? They don’t have to work and when they do they actually receive a pay check. They have access to big screen televisions and sports. They get free medical and dental care, three hot meals and a bed. In some prisons that are designed like dorms, they have private rooms.  Despite having every opportunity that you and I had to go to school and get an education, they chose not to and instead delved into criminality, the Prison system helps them get their GED and go to college. Did you know that Obama wants to give inmates back the Pell Grant and in some places he already has? That takes slots away from hard-working students. Young people that didn’t commit crimes. Yes, your child will now have to compete with a convict for a Pell Grant? Doesn't our children deserve better than this? Inmates had the same chance as anyone else did and blew it? Why give them a second chance? Because Obama felt sorry for them. By the way, the federal Pell Grant program is the largest single source of grant aid for undergraduate postsecondary education funded by the federal government. Doesn't that make you feel good?  Oh yes and all this is for free. Homeless people and students don't get a free education, but this is the reality of our Federal Prison system thanks to Democrats. Yes, the Prison system needs to be reformed but not the way the Democrats aim for. This is the legacy of President Obama and the Democratic Party: take from the working Americans and give to the lazy and/or illegal immigrants, and criminals.
     Despite Barack Obama making many promises, he kept none. Despite, giving a good talk every time he spoke, he failed to walk the talk. The man really just didn’t do anything positive for the United States. He had only one agenda: Obamacare. Millions of Americans are still unemployed. Millions of Americans still live in poverty. Despite promising that his administration would be the most transparent, it was anything but. Despite being the President to the entire nation, when it came down to race, he took sides. Before gay marriage was legal, he had a gay staff member get married on the White House lawn. He threatened schools with cutting budgets if they didn’t provide bathrooms to those that choose to live the opposite sex different from the one they were born. There's nothing wrong with Gender neutral bathrooms but forcing men and women, especially children to share bathrooms with others of the opposite sex simply because they choose to be the opposite is just plain wrong. Despite promising to enforce strict gun control even with an Executive Order after a school of young children were slaughtered to death in Newton, CT, he did nothing substantial except to enforce laws already on the books and form committees. Despite promising to provide jobs to millions of Americans through various routes, he didn’t. Despite, promising to raise taxes for the rich, he didn’t.

     In the end, when faced with his broken promises, he blamed the Republicans for blocking him. He could have made an Executive Order, but chose not to. However, he did make an Executive Order to keep over 15.4 million of Illegal immigrants in this country. He also made one to make certain areas into National Parks. And what about Guantanamo Bay? Didn't Obama promise to close that? I bet you didn't know that any illegal immigrant can enter the U.S.A. and go to the local social services office and apply for and receive Food Stamps, money and medicaid even though they are not American citizens. The Federal Government makes sure of that.  And what about the $221 millions that Obama sent to the Palenstinian Authority during his last hours of his Presidency? This is the legacy of Obama and the one that Hillary Clinton would continue, if elected. 
Frankly, people got tired of it. I got tired of it. By now, you’re probably guessing I support Trump. Wrong. I don’t. Second, you’re probably guessing I voted for him. Wrong again. I didn’t. I don't support bullies, sexists, or those telling women what to do with their bodies. I’m also not anti-Obama. I actually hoped he was different. You’re probably guessing I’m a Republican, too. Wrong again, though I have been at one time a long time ago. I’m a Democrat, or at least I was until Obama failed to make good on his promises, on top of using my hard earned money to give away.  The Republicans want to keep us poor. The Democrats give our money to everyone. I supported Hilary, but I couldn't vote for her. Now I’m a Libertarian. I’m a Realist. I no longer vote because in the end for me, does it really matter. But that is another post I already wrote about.
                                         Obama speaks about unemployment
     Why did Trump win the election to the office of the 45th President of the United States? Simple. He wants to make America great again: strong and unified. He wants to help Americans and not the rest of the world. He wants to cut government waste. He wants to do what is best for the United States and not for the United Nations or Mexico, et al. Americans are tired of being trod upon while illegal immigrants are given more rights than they are; while LGBQT are elevated; while convicted criminals are catered to. People are tired of terrorists attacking the U.S. Americans are tired of the Democratic party taking money from the working people and giving it to everyone else including illegal immigrants and the lazy good for nothings. One of the last things Obama did in the last few hours as President was to give 221 million dollars to the Palestinians. Shouldn't America be taking care of our own in poverty before sending money away to others? Democrats don't seem to think so.

     There was a time not so long ago that being an “American” meant something. People were proud to be American. Not anymore. Under Democratic leadership, America bowed to the will of the United Nations. America sends billions of dollars of our money to other countries while Americans are struggling to get by. All this has to stop and Trump has promised to do so. That is why he won. And contrary to what you may think, minorities, women and even Muslims voted for Trump. Seems they were a bit tired of Democrats too. Now whether he’ll actually does these things is another matter. Fact is that most people seem to ignore is that any one running for office will say anything to get into office. That doesn’t mean they will keep their promises. Fortunately, Mr. Trump is unlike other Presidents before him. As a private businessman, he doesn't drag his feet when doing something. He doesn't consult Congress. He doesn't believe in red tape. His travel ban was blocked by bleeding heart liberals. As actions demonstrate, Americans seem to care about everyone else rather than other Americans, which is very sad.
Frankly, all this makes my stomach turn. It's also why I prefer animals over people. Animals don't lie. They don't betray you. They don't see skin color, sex or religion. They expect nothing from us and give us love, friendship, unwavering support, and undying loyalty in return. Too bad they can't be in politics. That's my opinion anyway. What is yours? Why do you think Trump was elected?

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