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Illegal Immigrants…Liability or Asset to the U.S.A?

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    America was built by immigrants. Immigrants founded this county. Most of us descended from immigrants. My ancestors emigrated here from Europe. The difference between my ancestors and those filing into American now is that the ones entering now are illegal immigrants. 
    A lot of people, including those in the Federal government say that we need illegal immigrants in this country to keep it going, to keep the economy strong.  Of course, that is just a lie perpetuated by the government and bleeding heart liberals. Fact is illegals pay very little to nothing in taxes because they are undocumented. They don’t receive pay checks. Instead, they receive money under the table. There is no income tax returns. Nothing. Nada. However, they are allowed to get tax refunds despite paying no taxes. Yes. They do. What we really need is to send the illegals back home and pay American citizens a real paycheck.  We really don’t need illegals utilizing our services and never paying for them. They may work here, but since they’re working for peanuts they barely spend any money in the United States. They don't have bank accounts either. Truth is, they spend very little funds here at all. Mostly because, they’re busy sending most of what they do earn back home. Don’t believe me? Go to the local grocery store on a Friday evening where you must stand behind a dozen or so of them while they purchase money orders to send most of their money back to Mexico, or wherever else they come from. Why does the Mexican President strongly oppose the Wall Trump wants to build? Mexico would lose a great deal of money. Illegal immigrants or Mexican Nationals as their homeland calls them send back home $25 billion a year, which helps the Mexican economy. (The Week Feb. 3, 2017 p. 8) That's a great deal of money not going into the American economy, isn't it? So how does this help the American economy? It doesn’t.
Ask them why they aren’t citizens, or if they ever plan on becoming one and they’ll flat out tell you that they don’t want to be. They just want to come to America, make all the money they can to send back home so that they can buy property and home there. And what incentive is there to become an American citizen if our governments are just going to give them free stuff without it? And while they’re working for peanuts, they’re taking the rightful jobs of Americans. Some people will say that’s not true but it is. Look at it rationally: What American wants to or can afford to work for ten dollars a day? Not one. But illegal immigrants can because ten dollars a day is more than they’d ever make back home. Not to mention that they live in groups in their rentals, often 10 to 20 people in a dwelling. If American business owners can pay illegal immigrants ten dollars a day to work, why would they hire American citizens to work for ten dollars an hour? They won’t. There are two set of criminals involved in illegal immigration. The illegal immigrant, the criminal for sneaking into America, and the business owners that willingly hires them knowing that they’re criminals and do it anyway.  Both sets of people are criminals and should be treated as such. What does it say about the character of an immigrant running into America without checking in with appropriate officials and know it's illegal to do so. They're criminals and they know it. Why else do they immediately go into hiding? What does it say about the business owner that knowingly hires illegals?
“The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has estimated that 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants lived in the United States in January 2012. According to DHS estimates, "the number of illegal immigrants peaked around 12 million in 2007 and has gradually declined to closer to 11 million. “    
                                                                                     Illegals riding into U.S.A. on trains.
     As a people, I have no real problem with immigrants. However, illegal immigrants are another matter. I refuse to feel sorry for them.  I refuse to carry them on my back any longer. They are after all criminals just as those doing illegal drugs are criminals, or those robbing banks are such. What part of the word “illegal” do most people not understand? It’s not difficult to understand that premise. They are liability to every hard-working American and their families. And no I’m not a Trump supporter, but I am a supporter of America and its citizens. I believe in the right of every American’s right to obtain the American dream? But illegal immigrants are not citizens and all they do is steal the jobs of Americans because they will work for next to nothing, and as long as that happens no American can get those jobs because Americans simply can’t afford to do so. Illegal children take up space in schools that belong to American citizen children. Because these children are undocumented, the Federal government give no funds to our city schools to teach them, yet they’re taught on our tax dollar. They take up space in hospital emergency rooms because they have no insurance, and yet they don’t get fined by the U.S. government because they’re not citizens. Don't get me started on how much America spends to support illegal immigrants? It costs the American tax paying citizen $113 billion dollars a year. Yes. That is the price of American Democracy at work.
Illegals on line for Welfare.
    I bet you didn't know that any illegal immigrant can enter the U.S.A. and go to the local social services office and apply for and receive Food Stamps, money and medicaid even though they are not American citizens. The Federal Government makes sure of that. Did you know that illegal immigrants even get more money than in Welfare than Americans do? Ture. According to the immigration control advocacy group, Center for Immigration Studies, which breaks down federal cost data from 2012, the welfare payout to likely illegal immigrant households averages $5,692 yearly, compared with the average $4,431 welfare payout to non-immigrant households collecting the benefit. Why is that I wonder? All payouts made are on the tax dollar from American citizens not from illegal immigrants. They also get to file for Social Security benefits, too.
U.S. Border sign warning illegals that they are criminals if they do not report to an Immigration Officer. If you don't report, you are breaking the law. Plain and simple.
                    U.S. Sanctuary Cities.
     And what about sanctuary cities. Ever wonder why a police officer never arrests someone that is actually and obviously an illegal immigrant? They can’t. It’s forbidden. Why? ”Sanctuary city is a term that is applied by some to cities in the United States or Canada that have policies designed to not persecute undocumented immigrants.” Imagine that. The illegals are criminals but the city will protect them. Not only that, but these cities go out of their way to show mercy to the illegal immigrants including the hard core criminals. More than one American citizen has been murdered by illegal immigrants every year and nothing happens to the illegal, the criminal, the murderer.                 
    Even though they’re not American citizens, Liberal Americans show mercy towards illegals and citing the U.S. Constitution believe that they have a right to an attorney on our tax dollar and a right to a fair trial. However, the Constitution was written for American citizens not illegal immigrants. Worse yet, as things worsen for American citizens, things get better for illegal immigrants. In a lot of cities and states in the U.S., in California for one, illegal immigrants have more rights and protection than American citizens do. They actually can get drivers licenses there without any kind of documentation. Do you remember the last time you had to get a drivers license? Didn't you and I need more than one kind of documentation?  California even  made it possible by making American taxpayers foot the bill for illegal immigrants to attend college. I bet you didn't know that in a city in Minnesota, there lives the largest community of Somalians outside Somalia. Minnesota welcomed them with open arms and even goes out of their way to make them feel home. They even put the drivers license exam in Somalian, but no other ethnic group aside from Spanish. In Wisconsin, the government give grants up to $100,000 for illegal immigrants to purchase homes. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.  Some of the links I used are below. How is any of this right? Is it fair to hard working American citizens? Is it fair to those immigrants that spent the time, effort and money to become American citizens? Is it fair to the homeless of our country who aren't treated as royalty as the illegals are? No. It isn’t. When was the last time you heard our government go out of their way to help homeless Americans?
Business owners will continue to get rich while you and I continue to pay taxes to take care of the illegal immigrants. I’d be the first one to drive an illegal immigrant to the court house should they wish to be an American Citizen. I shall stand by their side when they swear to do so. Until that day, illegal immigrants just need to be sent back home. Go back home or become a citizen the way other immigrants have done. Fine the business owners that perpetuate their arrival. And yes, build a wall, if that is what it takes. Sending all the illegal immigrants home and stemming the flow of new ones will be difficult but not impossible. The American government made this mess by not stopping the flow of illegals in the first place. They just turned a blind eye until now someone has to take a stand. Enough is enough. It's time to put Americans first. There is no crime in that. That is my opinion. What is yours? Do you feel illegal immigrants deserve a break to remain in this country, or should they rightfully be sent home? Do enjoy paying taxes only for your money to be used for illegal immigrants? What do you think?
 “One recent estimate by researchers at the Pew Hispanic Center puts the number of illegal aliens in the workforce at 8 million out of an overall population of 11.2 million illegal aliens, i.e., 71.4 percent. 1 That estimate is generally accepted as reasonable.”
Want to know how to recognize an illegal immigrant in your neighborhood? Look for the minority that avoids looking at you, looks away or down while in the store with you. Look for the minority that is driving very slowly on the road, not too much below the speed limit but not too much over it either. They're usually driving an old clunker, but not always. They don't want to be seen or catch notice to themselves because they're illegal.

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