Thursday, June 18, 2015

Did someone say it's time to elect a new U.S. President???

I don’t usually vote anymore.  I used to, but I saw too many bills that the people overwhelmingly voted for turned over by the court and decided it just wasn’t worth the bother anymore. However, when it comes to something important such as voting for taxes, or for the next Commander-In-chief, I vote. Which brings me to the matter of the next Presidential election. Who will you vote for in 2016? In my opinion, So far, I haven’t really seen anyone worth voting for, though ever since I was a child, I hoped to one day see a woman become President. After all, other countries, even those that are considered not to be as advanced as America have/had women leaders.  Isn’t it time the U.S.A. has a woman leader?

     Of course, it has to be the right woman. Hilary Clinton has decided to run again on the Democratic ticket. Already, there are those that are against it. Loudly too. Personally, I’m not particularly fond of her since she threw away thousands of emails from when she was Secretary of State. However, she’s for women’s rights while her opponents aren’t.

The Republicans, or men have proven they care less for women and their rights. They want to take away a women’s right to choice, to an abortion should they need to do so. They want women to go back to the days of filthy, tortuous butchering in alleyways so that they can have their way. Government doesn’t belong in the voters’ bedrooms. Even with birth control, some pregnancies can’t be avoided. And though, they’d be glad to jump into bed with any woman willing, or not willing to do so, they refuse to pay women the same fair wages that men get.  Sadly, it isn’t just the male Republicans that feel that way.

     So, Hilary Clinton is sneaky. Can you name one politician that isn’t? One has to be in order to survive the game of politics. Look at her husband for one. When Barack Obama was running for President, he claimed he’d be open and above board with his Presidency, but he hasn’t been transparent about everything. Take a look at the Republicans: Marc Rubio flip flops on his stances. Ted Cruz isn’t even a native born American and don’t forget about NJ governor Christie and the bridge traffic jam and him being bought out by pig farmers to keep gestation crates. 


Clinton wants to champion for the middle class, yet she is attacked because she is far from middle class. It didn’t help that when the Clintons left the white house, she claimed, “We left broke.” Obama claimed to be the middle class champion too, though he’s worth about ninety one million dollars, people believed him. How many politicians in the U.S. Congress and Senate aren’t millionaires? Most of them are. Look it up for yourself and see. Any reasoning person knows that Clinton is competent. She has proven that as both the U.S. Senator for New York and the U.S. Secretary of State. In fact, she has more experience to become President of the United States than Obama did, but the people elected him. Of course, there is only one reasonable explanation why so many don’t want Hilary Clinton for President. It’s simple enough: Clinton is a woman. There’s no other explanation.

     That’s my take on it anyway, my humble opinion. Again, I’m not for Hilary Clinton, I lost respect for her when she had none for herself when her husband cheated on her with Monica Lewinsky and she stood by his side, but until someone better comes along when it comes time to vote, I’ll take Hilary Clinton over a bunch of anti-women Republicans. Of course, that's my take on it now. A great deal can change by time election day rolls around. What do you think? Whatever you do, choose wisely.  Sometimes, when it comes right down to it, when you have two evils in a corner, one has to take the lesser of two evils.

Until next time, I wish you well. Have a great day, a great week and a great month.  May all your dreams come true. Be Safe. Be happy. Show compassion. Be kind to one another, especially those without a voice. Don't share your personal information just because one asks for it.     


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