Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting Unplugged-The Importance of Cutting Yourself Off from Electronics.

Getting Unplugged-The Importance of Cutting Yourself Off from Electronics.

I’m a writer. I have been for a very long time now. Over thirty years. You know the drill. Most of my time is spent writing, editing and/or conducting research. Most of it is done on the computer, but I also write longhand. It’s what I love to do. It’s what I need to do. Writing to me is as important as breathing is.
     I’m also a person that needs time to unwind to catch my breath. Hence, no matter what, once a week at a minimum I unplug from all electronics. Yes, no electronics. No phone, no television, no computer. Nothing that requires electricity. I do it not only for my sanity, but in order to catch up with all the little and necessary things that go on in real life such as paying bills or running errands or doing chores. I also like to get outdoors. Hiking, kayaking and diving are just some of my interests. There’s nothing like getting outside to relax. My dogs love romping about our woods. When I can, I take an entire weekend off. That means no social media, no phone, no television, etc.

Instead, I read a great deal. Books, magazines, anything I can get my hands on. It’s not unusual for me to read five books at a time with a mix of non-fiction and fiction, classic literature to academic journals. Along that line, on my one day off, I read an average of twenty magazines. Though, sometimes I just lounge around, veg out on old movies and television shows, but no computer, no internet and no phone.  The weekend I reserve for getting away, either overseas or local. I’ve been known to visit places that have no phones and no internet service. Of course, I never seem to completely get away from writing. Hence, the longhand. When an idea strikes, I have to write it down.

     Modern times take so much time out of our lives. Electronics are supposed to make life easier, but in the end it never does. Add social media to the mix and the seconds turn into hours before you can get back to where you initially started. Making time for yourself, away from the madness of the electronics in your life is important. If you don’t do it already, consider taking time off and away from it all. Take a long and deep soothing breath. When you get back to your electronics, you’ll feel refreshed. Your mind will be sharper. Try it and let me know how it works for you. If you already do it, what is your schedule like? How often do you unwind? What do you do to unwind?
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Until next time, I wish you well. Have a great day, a great week and a great month.  Take time out for yourself, your family and friends. May all your dreams come true. Be Safe. Be happy. Show compassion. Be kind to one another, especially those without a voice. Don't share your personal information just because one asks for it.     
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